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Noun /blak-bôrd\ Blackboard is a platform for African youth to formulate and freely express their perceptions about the past, present and future. To redefine and improve their own views and visions for the prospects of our nation. Blackboard seeks to paint a beautiful picture on a clean blackboard platform through the eyes of the vibrant youth.

We are a platform to inspire future ideas with a fresh perspective while maintaining a clear view of the mixed memories of our past. To create a space in real time and online where like-minded youth come together to write on this new board. Our vision of blackboard is a place to share ideas, intrigue our creative appetites through music, spoken word, art and sharing of beatiful stories.

The blackboard stories are simple, yet touching, they represent the true state of our being and ambitions and this can be both from a well of successes and a few pits of failures. We seek to learn from our mistakes and build on a solid foundation for the future as lay the building blocks for the future of South Africa.

contact us on inbox@blackboardafrica.com





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